Nautical and General Engineering

Engineering Solutions

YES started life in the refit business in 2006. Since then we have actively been involved in all aspects of general engineering, from major works to clever solutions for those odd problems that no one has an answer to. We have steadily built a list of suppliers through which we can source most materials and spare parts called for by the industry.


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Warranty – Replacement – Upgrading – Repair

YES has been in the glass business since 2008. As part of our services we offer installation, replacement, repair, sealing and general consultation on glass issues. We have a photometric scanning system which allows for accurate measurement of windows for replacement along with surrounding components.

We work with multiple suppliers and can offer a range of glass constructions and colours all fabricated to ISO standards and to class specifications.

YES also supplies Acrylic and Polycarbonate screens and fabrications. Using our scanning facilities, CNC cutter and custom oven we can design and fabricate multidimensional screens and support structures.

Consultation on glass and sealing issues, we do not provide repair and polishing services however we have a associates with whom we work who have proven track records and come highly recommended.

Consultation on glass and sealing issues. We do not provide repair and polishing services although we have associates with whom we work who have proven track records and come highly recommended.

Glass Repair

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Perspex Screens

Using our scanning, CNC & thermoforming techniques we can replicate or fabricate new screens for tender, flybridge, instrument panel protection and windscreens.

We can also reburbish scratched and damaged screens.

Spray screens and instrument covers

YES is well versed in the thermoforming of a variety of materials including, Perspex, Polycarbonate, PVC, Alupanel and Corian.

Using our CNC machining we construct moulds to suit the form and the material to be shaped.

Yes has two ovens for heating material one for smaller projects and one capable of taking a full sheet of 3x2m.


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CNC Machining


YES has 3D printer which we use for fabricating small plastic components for example door sliders, cogs for blinds, prototyping.


  • Precision cutting of complicated shapes and a wide range of materials.
  • Custom plastic parts, moulds, bearing surfaces and rebated inclusions.
  • Materials include: Perspex, Polycarbonate, PETG, Delron, Nylon, Teflon, ABS, MDF, PVC, Aluminium composite panel, Multipanel, PU foams, Fibre glass, Carbon fibre, Polypropylene, Marine ply, Corian and many more.

We can apply electro-static velvet coatings to a wide range of products/materials from coat hangers and headphone stands to cutlery and crockery display drawers and cabinets.

  • YES offers velvet coatings on cutlery drawers to hold and protect expensive silver ware.
  • CNC cut drawer inserts with velvet coatings to support and protect expensive crockery, glassware and artworks.
  • Custom felted adjustable plate supports.


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Gas Rams

YES has formed an association with Hahn of Stuttgart Germany for the design and supply of custom closure control systems using multi-function air springs to facilitate the operation of hatches, domestic lids, lockers and doors. These offer safe and easy manual operation of heavy doors and closures.

YES also has a design and supply service for the supply and installation of large aperture closure seals.

YES offers a bespoke design and manufacturing service for all those detailed fittings, covers, racking and storage bins to be found all over the yacht. Bespoke furniture can also be supplied.

Custom Projects
Glass, jug, cutlery and plate holders
Wine, spirit and can storage units

Perspex and Plastic Fabrications

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Seals and Sealing


YES can provide a range of seals both custom and production. CAD drawings, samples and shore strength are all taken to ensure accurate and trouble free supply.

  • Custom seals can be ordered in short lengths, the client pays for the extrusion tool which is then stored for future orders.
  • Seals can be ordered in Sealed Neoprene, EPDM, PVC, Silicone and Foamed silicone.
  • YES will install seals with correct adhesion systems and adjustments to closing mechanisms.

YES has accumulated extensive experience of all aspects of the maintenance repair and replacement of Yacht propulsion gear. We are official agents for the supply and servicing of Brunton’s propellors both fixed and variable pitch.


  • Shaft and propellors both fixed and variable pitch
  • Cutlass bearings and shaft seals
  • Propellors
  • Bow and stern thrusters
  • Rudder assemblies

Thrusters, Props, Prop Shafts and Rudders

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