A Complete Yacht Glazing Service


Perspex and Polycarbonate screens & hatches

  • Local design and fabrication
  • All colours


The Glass Aftermarket partnership can offer:

  • Three weeks glass replacement service of individual panels in any shape and any glass
  • Original quality from German manufacture
  • All Lloyds classifications both glass and fitting
  • Upgrades in colour, weight saving, insulation, heating, fire protection and privacy
  • Scratch removal and polishing, refit protection and ClearShield™ coating of all glass surfaces
  • Protection coating of external bright-work

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The Glass Service features:

  • Immediate response from local service
  • Dedicated rapid response production line in Germany
  • Colour matching
  • Factory trained and certified YES team in Palma
Yacht glazing specialists
Yacht glazing specialists
Palma Mallorca
the Mediterranean refit centre

C/ Francesc Vallduví (Pol. Ind. Can Valero) 10 07011 Palma (Mallorca), Spain
tel: +34 678 899 038 fax: +34 971 254 383 e-mail: info@yesyes.es